Pure Butter Shortbread 

Pure Butter. Pure Delight

The gift of shortbread is appreciated all over the world. Maybe it’s because the Scots have travelled far and wide and today’s Scottish diaspora is estimated between 28 and 40 million people. Maybe it’s because there is an incurable romance about our country. Whatever the reason, shortbread is an unmistakeable taste of Scotland wherever you are in the world. And when packaged with universally known Scottish icons from Highland Cows to Tartan, it’s a gift that is sure to bring pure delight.

From decorative to quirky, traditional tartan to genteel Victoriana, cute to seasonal, we offer a range that appeals to different styles and different occasions. Our variety of shapes is equally extensive from fingers to rounds, opals to squares and petticoat tails.

We’re constantly working on refreshing the range and producing innovative, cheerful new lines that come in cartons and tins of all sizes to match all budgets from the deluxe gift to the picnic pack.

Our packs are heavily embossed and all our baking is presented within silver wrapped bags and skillets. Larger packs have individual stay-fresh skillets rather than one large skillet. All products have a 15-month shelf life from date of manufacture. We guarantee an absolute minimum of 9 months when supplied to our customers.

The packaging is only half the story, albeit an incredibly important and alluring half. Whether it’s shortbread or fudge, we use 100% butter in our baking. All butter is what we say: pure butter from cattle that breathe in the fresh air of the Scottish countryside. It’s the golden ingredient that makes our baking so delicious and moreish. We don’t use any artificial colouring, flavours or preservatives. It really does taste as if it’s just out of the oven.

Recognised around the world for its quality and attractive packaging Campbells tins and cartons can be found far and wide from the UK’s gift, tourist and airport shops to select outlets in Australia, Canada, USA, Japan, China, Hong Kong and many other European and Asian countries.


Bakery production aside, very little has changed since Campbells first shortbread in 1830. It’s still baked in the traditional way using the finest ingredients. Whether it’s Shortbread or Butter Cookies, Campbells baking is ideal for any occasion from morning coffee to afternoon tea to on top of the mountain with a handy thermos. And, of course, it’s the perfect accompaniment to an after dinner dram. Or brandy if you must! However the cookie crumbles, Campbells always brings a smile to people’s faces.

Campbells Shortbread, North Ancaster Square, Callander, Perthshire, FK17 8BL, Scotland.